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How do I upload my website with FTP?

  • We recommend a graphical FTP program -  such as WinFTP Pro.
  • Remember that usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Set up an FTP connection to:  ftp.yoursite.co.uk (substitute your site name.. e.g. ftp.test.co.uk).
  • For a non-graphical FTP client, type: CD /web/
  • For a graphical client, set the startup directory to: /web/ (remember the / at the end) - this is the best way. Or click on the .. folders which appear until you see the directories: logs, users, web and then double click on web.
  • If you do not set a start-up directory or navigate to /web/, you will be publishing to /users/yourusername/web/ which is incorrect.  You need to be publishing to /web/ for the published content to be visible.
  • Or:  click on the  ..  folders which appear until you get there.
  • Now copy your website across.
I've uploaded my site, but I can only see your default page!

  • Try pressing the refresh/reload button in your browser. The web browser running on your computer maintains a cache (store) of your recently visited pages to speed up operation. Unless you do refresh/reload, even if you have just uploaded a new page, it will often show you the old version, reading it from your local hard-disk.
  • If you published using FTP, you may have published to the wrong location by accident.  The correct location to upload to is /web/ (including both slashes). Please read the "How do I publish my website" section above to find the correct location.
  • In either case, your homepage must be named index.html. When your account was setup the default page was created. If you do not name your homepage index.html then the default page will not be replaced!
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